Monday, August 10, 2009


Sooo, I was thinking about all the ways I could make this blog enjoyable for all my readers. (2 follows, woot) I was wondering what topics people would like to read about? I came up with a few ideas:
-Advice: giving advice but not being able to take it or follow it myself
-Living with my ADHD brother: how much of a pain he is but and the conflicting feelings and emotions I constantly deal with
-Divorce: Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe describe my ideas about the pro's and con's of divorce and my personal experience with it
-The future: what I'm looking towards and whether looking forward so much is a good thing
-Teen pregnancy: there are so many people at my school and people everywhere that are getting pregnant and having kids. It's like an epidemic.
Books/reading: reviews and upcoming books, books I love, books I want to read

I'm completely open to suggestions or recommendations. I have high expectations for my blog and I hope that it will become something great. I hope that you all will enjoy and continue to come back. Leave comments and links to your own blogs, I'd be glad to check them out.
So that's all for now...

Until Later,

Gemo <3>

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