Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Birthday Boy

Today was my boyfriend's 18th birthday. I spent the enitre day with him and we had loads of fun. I made him a cheese cake, his favorite, and a "card". It was a skate board made out of foam. It was pretty cool actually. And I bought him a necklace. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and I think he was happy which was my main goal. I got to spend time with his family, which is always a gift for me. I also am proud to announce that I bought a pair fuzzy dice for my car. I've been looking everywhere for them and I finally found them at a local store. Which is surprising seeing as I live in a little town. So that was my day, and it was great. In other news, I've been reading a book about spies in the Revolutionary war as research for a story I have always wanted to write. The peice started as an assignment in my 8th grade Georgia History class for some local contest our teacher made the class join. The paper had to be a certain legnth and had to be about espionage in the war. I won a certificate for my peice, which I had had to change and shorten. But I kept the long version and have periodically gone back to read it. As soon as I saw the book in an antique store I was intrigued. So I bought it and have learned a lot. I have changed parts of my story and written more to it. I hope to end up with about 15 pages, typed. Maybe when I finish I will post it on here. Maybe.

Until Later

Gemo <3

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