Monday, August 30, 2010

Fly Baby Bird

What is the right age to leave the nest? Is it 17? 18? Right after you graduate from high school? My friends and I have talked about this quite a lot lately, because of our ages and where we are in life. One friend has already graduated, but doesn't want to leave the house. Another is a senior and not too happy with his home life. And me, I'm a junior stuck in an odd situation and just itching to be on my own. I have visions for my life and how I want them to be, and I can't have that here. So when id the right time? Is there a right time or is it all based on maturity? Is it personal preference? Maybe some people need to be thrown out there on their own so that they can slip and fall and then gain their strength to fly alone. We're all at an awkward time in our lives, teenagers everywhere. Maybe we don't want what our parents want and that's going to cause problems. And just think how scary it is in the moment you step out. Sure, there's an exhilaration,a heart pumping excitement. But there's also a fear of the unknown. Because what if we don't have enough money to pay our bills? What if we fail a class? What if we feel lost and alone? So when are we ready? Probably not ever....

Leave me your comments. Tell me when you left. When you want to leave.

Until Later,

Gemo <3

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